The Truth about Backuping.

March 30, 2015 Logan Bibby

In honor of World Backup Day tomorrow, we thought now would be a great time to discuss this oft-neglected, yet important routine computer task and your options for protecting your data.

Backing up your files is the equivalent to flossing in the computer world: it’s a task that the experts insist be done regularly, but is usually only considered right after disaster strikes. In reality, users should backup their irreplaceable pictures, videos, and important text documents weekly.

There are a couple of ways of creating and maintaining a proper backup. There is the old-fashioned way of creating copies of your valuable files and storing it on removable media (USB- removable drive, external hard drive, CD, Etc.), but this technique can be cumbersome and is easy to forget to do. These days, all major operating systems come with some form of automated backup program that require minimal setup.

These days, you have more options for backing up your data; you don’t have to settle for just having a copy of your data. You can choose to make your data accessible anywhere by backing it up using cloud storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive. Cloud Storage services require a minimal installation on your computer to automatically sync your data between multiple devices when changes are made to it- keeping your data as up-to-date as possible.

The main concern with these forms of online storage is that they lack a certain degree of security, utility, functionality, and continuous automated backup that you’d want if you were trusting your family photos, videos and important financial documents with someone else. If you’d like to go with this modern method of backing up your data, we can’t recommend Carbonite enough.

Zentek is a silver-level partner of Carbonite and, in honor of World Backup Day, will be offering a Ten-Percent Discount on Carbonite Backup Services for today and tomorrow!

For further information on World Backup Day and your options for securing your data, please visit World Backup Day’s webpage here. Let us know in the comments below what you think is the best way of backing up your data and what’s important to backup!