Referral-Partners Program

The Referral-Partners Program allows folks who trust Zentek to provide excellent service to refer their friends, colleagues, and customers for us to handle their essential business technology. For each successful referral, the referral-partner gets up to $200 in cash and their referral gets the same. (Everybody wins!)

I have a referral! How do I start?
Fantastic! Use our referral submission form.

What are the rewards?
We base our rewards on the monthly recurring charges. Both you and your referral get the same rate.

  • < $100: $25
  • $100-$500: $50
  • $500-$1,500: $100
  • $1,500+: $200

Who should use the program?
Our program benefits everyone who knows a business who could use Zentek for their essential technology. No matter if you have 1 referral or 100, we’d love to be able to work with your customers.

What type of referrals are you looking for?
Right now, we primarily work with small businesses and organizations including franchises and hotels. (Usually they have less than 100 employees.) Our focus is on the southeast region of the US, but we are able to work with those outside of the region and country.

Is there a restriction on who can be referred?
Unfortunately, yes. We aren’t able to provide any services to consumers (as in you and me, versus a company). For internet and TV, we aren’t able to service home-based businesses, government, or education. We are able to service government and educational institutions with all other services, though.

When do I get paid?
Once a referral is successful, we cut a check within two weeks. If you do a lot of referral business, we can save everything up and pay once a month.

When does my referral get paid?
Once they’ve kept their service for 90 days, we’ll apply a credit to the next invoice from Zentek and any left over reward will be paid in cash.

Is there a limit?
Nope! No matter how many referrals you throw at us, both you and your referral will get rewarded.

I have a lot of referrals. Is there a special rate?
Sometimes! Contact us and we’ll talk.

What is a successful referral?
A referral is successful once the deal closes, service is installed, and the vendor verifies the referral has paid their first bill.

What if my referral only has non-recurring charges?
Sometimes that happens if a referral prepays for service or only buys a one-time license. We’ll take the non-recurring charge and divide it by 12 for the reward. The referral will have a credit on their invoice and you will be paid once the invoice paid.

What if my referral is much bigger than $1,500 MRC?
We’ll be really great friends! Submit your referral then contact us so we can talk about a larger reward!