ESET Remote Administrator

July 28, 2016 Logan Bibby

Empower your IT staff to oversee your entire network—workstations, servers and smartphones—from a single console. Included free with all ESET endpoint security solutions, ESET Remote Administrator delivers cross-platform capability (Windows, Mac, and Linux) in either physical or virtual environments. Web-based management lets you handle security events, update signature databases, run reports, and enforce consistent security policies with ease from wherever there’s an Internet connection.

ESET Remote Administrator can also be used with leading cloud platform providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Your cloud-based management can be run as easily as on-premise solutions.

Manage multiple endpoints from a single location

  • Remote installation and updates. Easily install remotely and set up automatic signature and scanning engine updates.
  • Comprehensive policy management. Use the intuitive Policy Manager to easily customize rules or save time by using default policies.
  • Advanced client management. Create and organize static and dynamic client groups with different parameters for populating the groups, and remediate security problems more quickly.
  •  Update rollback. Roll back virus signature and module updates and freeze updates as desired; address incompatibilities or other system disruptions.
  • Low management overhead. Roll out, update and manage all endpoints from a single console to reduce IT workload.
  • Review security status. Monitor incidents such as client status, virus outbreaks or network attacks; review new client events, finished tasks, license expiration and more.
  • Reporting and logging. Review comprehensive statistics, including malware logs, quarantine, or firewall events. Extract additional info via the integrated ESET SysInspector tool. Export to Syslog for SIEM analysis.
  • Delayed updated. Schedule delayed virus signature and module updates to ensure optimal implementation within your environment.

Plugins helps streamline operations while improving end user security

  • Kaseya. Integrates with the Kaseya Virtual System Administrator to provide central management of ESET Endpoint Solutions across networks.
  • LabTech. Integrates with LabTech Control Center to provide central management of ESET solutions.
  • ConnectWise. Track end user security while enhancing revenue and saving time. Let ConnectWise do the work.
  • TigerPaw. Track end user security while enhancing revenue and saving time. Let TigerPaw do the work.
  • Autotask. Track end user security while enhancing revenue and saving time. Let Autotask do the work.