More Than Just A Cloud-Based Business Phone System

July 8, 2016 Zentek

Nothing is more important to business success than communicating professionally and promptly with customers and colleagues. The way businesses communicate and handle incoming calls, and everything from faxes to conference calls, affects public perception of the company. Evolving businesses can better serve customers and enhance the way employees work by adopting the most readily available and affordable technology. In today’s world, leading edge communication begins and ends with a high-speed Internet-enabled, cloud-based, IP-connected phone service from RingCentral.

Today’s Business Requirements

In today’s high-pressure world, a phone system is a lifeline to customers, suppliers and other key contacts. Businesses need an evolved, professional phone system that can be relied upon to not only serve employees located in the office, but the flexibility to accommodate employees who are working both remotely and in other geographic locations. Such a technologically advanced phone system, in turn, needs to allow disparate employees the ability to communicate and work with equal efficiently no matter where they are. As employees change the types of devices they use for communicating and doing business, the phone system needs to adjust seamlessly. Finally, the phone system also needs to support basic office functionality like faxing, conferencing and other forms of communication to all who use it.

Above all, business phone systems need to be reliable. Businesses can’t afford to miss calls because of technical glitches or primitive routing features. With many companies moving away from operating from one, centralized office building, the need is critical for a solution that can be accessible from wherever employees are working. With the added convenience of working across not only desktop IP phones, but smartphones, tablets and even PCs, new systems must adapt to the changing face of the modern workforce. Having an entire phone system operating over a standard high-speed Internet connection allows for such a revolutionary innovation.

An Enhanced Phone System

Today, businesses have a wide range of options to address their phone system needs – everything from the robust, highly technical PBX systems traditionally used by businesses to new, feature-rich cloud-based solutions that provide an easy-to-use alternative. Until recently, this type of sophisticated communications solution was available only to companies with the necessary financial resources to design and implement their own customized phone system. Today, however, the Internet and cutting-edge technologies are driving down costs, lowering adoption barriers and opening new communication options, allowing businesses of all sizes to afford a world-class business phone system.

For years, businesses had no other choice, but to rely on traditional PBX systems comprised of complex hardware that required ongoing, costly maintenance and repair. This type of legacy equipment was often housed in a single office building and could only serve the employees who were working on the premises. Seemingly routine changes made to these systems, like adding lines for new employees, required scheduling and often took weeks to fully implement. In the event of a power outage, the equipment could go down for indefinite amounts of time, leaving businesses with no workaround. Now businesses have a choice.

The Breakthrough of a New Solution

The breakthrough that’s bringing affordable world-class phone and fax service to businesses is the cloud-based, or hosted, phone system. By leading the cloud-based phone system revolution, RingCentral is taking advantage of the power, quality and affordability of cloud computing technology to expand the idea of what a business phone system can do.

Having the advantage of a cloud based phone system not only allows a company, and every employee working for it, unmatched flexibility, but also provides for seamless growth and can be easily set up and in fraction of the time it takes to program and install legacy hardware. System administrators can quickly add new users and departments from any device, wherever they’re working. With traditional PBX systems, employees had very little control over their own phone and the preference in the capabilities associated with it. Now, each employee can configure their own personalized messages, routing sequences and usage rules and even display their status to colleagues if they choose.

Breaking Down a Cloud-Based System

Based on a robust virtual PBX and cutting-edge voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and managed by the service provider, a cloud-based phone system lets any business take advantage of rich business phone system functionality without the complexity and cost of an on-premise system. A cloud-based business phone system uses the Internet to deliver all the features of an on-premise PBX—minus the costly setup and the bulky hardware. And since the Internet isn’t bound to a specific location, a cloud-based PBX easily integrates multiple locations and remote employees. It is the only business phone system that provides affordable, reliable and professional phone system functionality for businesses with one or more locations, and remote and mobile employees.

Not only does a cloud-based business phone system relieve growing companies of the need to own and operate their own on-premise phone system but it also provides unmatched feature, performance and fixed cost benefits. Besides providing local, national and international phone service, it includes an array of powerful call management features that are critical to sustainable business growth.

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