Comcast Private View TV

July 25, 2016 Logan Bibby

Don’t make your customers wait, get Comcast Business TV for your waiting room or lobby and turn the waiting into watching. Entertain your customers with their favorite local shows and sports, and let them catch up with the latest news courtesy of you.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Comcast Business TV can be an essential part of your business by keeping you, your employees and your customers connected to the community and the national events that impact your day-to-day business.

Comcast Business offers five TV packages designed to meet the needs of any small business with prices that won’t break your budget.

You can complete your entertainment package with our additional programming tiers!


For offices that want “the works”, the Preferred Package has our most comprehensive line-up with over 100 channels to choose from. It includes all of the channels in the packages below, plus ESPN News, Bloomberg and more. And with the Preferred Package, you’ll provide your customers with a comprehensive sports lineup with NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB! Plus, get programming everyone can enjoy with networks like National Geographic, DIY, The Biography Channel, Style and more.


With its robust channel line-up featuring news, sports, music and general entertainment programming, the Business Standard Package is ideal for any office that hosts a diverse group of customers throughout the day. With more than 80 channels including cable favorites like FX, USA, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, MTV, MSNBC, Fox Business Network and more, your customers will never mind the wait.


Our Variety TV package offers up to 65 channels and gives businesses a cost-effective option between Select and Standard. Includes top-rated popular news and entertainment programming at an affordable price.


This package offers up to 50 channels and comprises a lineup of news, lifestyle, and children’s programming including Disney, Sprout, and Nickelodeon as well as networks like CNBC, The Weather Channel, Headline News, and Golf.


Our Basic Package is an affordable option for businesses that want to stay connected to local and national events throughout the workday. This package features all broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. The Basic Package also includes educational, local, and government channels.