Zentek is a member of the central Alabama barter network Trade Partner Exchange, better known as TradeX. TradeX is a community of business owners that buy, sell and serve one another without spending cash. It is member-owned with over 200 members in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas.

With normal bartering, you work on a one-to-one basis—you can only exchange goods or services with the specific business. With TradeX, you earn network-specific money (called “trade dollars” or “trade$”) when you sell your products or services to other members and can use that money to purchase with. It’s a great way to keep cash in your business, network and market to the members in the exchange, and foster great relationships with those members.

Ask Us About TradeX

We’re passionate about growing the Tuscaloosa area of the network. If you are interested in hearing more about TradeX, contact us or talk with your account executive to learn more. We’ll tell you how excited we are about the barter network and put you in contact with the Tuscaloosa or Birmingham area representative!

Paying with Trade$

At this time, we are unable to accept trade$ for third-party vendor contracts like AT&T and Comcast. However, we are able to accept trade$ for many of our products and services. We’ve listed what we can accept below. If you have a question or would like to pay in trade$, talk with your account executive (or start a consultation if you’re new to Zentek).

  • Training (except any venue fees)
  • Setup fees (not vendor charged fees)
  • Prepayment of monthly service fees for Datto and Google for Work (up to a particular amount)
  • Deposits for equipment payment plans
  • Special handling fees
  • Vendor support and management
  • Expenses and incidental fees (except back-billed)